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Honors British Literature:

Angela's Ashes & The Great Depression

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The 2007-09 Great Recession

Overview of Global Recession

Reference article on the causes and effects of the Recession

Social Consequences of The Great Recession

Reference article discussing various contributing factors and consequences of the Great Recession

How the U.S. Workforce has Changed

Pew Research article detailing 5 changes to the U.S. workforce one decade since the Great Recession

Pew Research Statistics

These polls reflect data relevant to The Great Recession

Guide created by: Adam Apo

Regina Dominican High School

Last updated: 4/19/2018

Angela's Ashes

Book Review

New York Times book review of Angela's Ashes

Biography of Frank McCourt

Includes information about his childhood as well as his life and reception as an award-winning author

Author Interview on Angela's Ashes

In this NPR interview, Frank McCourt speaks about his authorship of the book

The Great Depression

Overview of The Great Depression

Reference article discussing key facts, the causes, and the end of the Great Depression

Global Effects of The Great Depression

Reference article revealing how the Great Depression was felt around the world

Reference Articles on The Great Depression

These article discuss various topics related to the Great Depression

Primary Sources

Primary source documents from the Great Depression

Academic Sources

These articles on various topics related to the Great Depression appeared in academic journals

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