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Find your next book


Struggling to find a new book to read? Have you just finished a series and can't imagine any book being better? Don't give up! There are plenty of helpful websities to offer recommendations based on your interests and books you've enjoyed.


Also, be sure to check our RDHS student blog of book recommendations by clicking here.


This website is the most popular and most premiere site for finding your next great read based on books you have already read. You can create your virtual "shelf" of books you've read or are currently reading, rate and write reviews of books, and connect with other readers.


Tip: Find your friends' and teachers' shelves by allowing Goodreads to search your email and social media contacts. I'm on there, so feel free to browse my virtual shelf and see some of my favorite books!



What Should I Read Next?

A simpler alternative to most book recommendation engines, this site asks you to select a book you enjoyed and offers similar suggestions. Also a plus, this site does not require that you create an account.


However, you get what you pay for--if you would like more in-depth suggestions or reading reviews from friends and users, try Goodreads.


This engine for book recommendations offers a completely unique way of offering suggestions based on your mood. Books are classifed by feelings or states of mind. On the homepage, you are asked to move sliders between "happy" and "sad" or "larger than life" and "down to earth."



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