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American Literature:

Salem Witch Trials

Primary Sources

University of Virginia

This collection includes court records, diaries, sermons, maps, letters, and more.

Cornell University

This online guide includes trial documents (e.g.: arrest warrants, testimonies, and sentencing decisions). Tip: use the search function to search for names of individuals, OR, browse the entire collection by clicking "Contents of Records..."

Guide created by: Adam Apo

Regina Dominican High School

Last updated: 10/20/2017


Encyclopedia of U.S. History

Background information on the culture of Salem, the accusations, the trial, and the aftermath

Salem Witch Trials - Gale Database

Search results for "Salem Witch Trials" include background information, individual biographies, and primary source materials.

The Crucible - Gale Database

Background information, plot summary, and character descriptions from Arthur Miller's play The Crucible.


University of Virginia

50+ important figures involved in the Salem Witch Trials, organized into categories: ministers, officials, accusers, jailed, and executed

Biographies - Gale Database

Scroll down, and on the left, you will see a section of "Biographies" of 16 important figures from the Salem Witch Trials.

University of Missouri at Kansas City

Biographies of individuals can be found within the summary of the Witch Trials on this webpage. Names of figures are linked to more information about that person.

Why Did Salem Happen?

Why Did Salem Happen?

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