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Graphic Design:

Designer Graphic & Article

Search Tips

Google Arts & Culture

This database will connect you to articles and resources on artists around the world


After searching the name of your graphic artist, consult the artist's personal website and/or the agency who represents the artist. Also look for interviews and press in reputable news or arts publications that feature your artist.


You CANNOT use Wikipedia as a source, however, you can find more search terms to use after reading about your artists, such as projects they have worked on or museums/collections which feature their work.

Design Websites


This website contains biographical information, news, and examples from many graphic artists

Design History

Introduction to the history of graphic design featuring several graphic artists on your list

Introduction to Graphic Design
Use the search bar in the lower right of this webpage to search for your assigned artist.

History of Graphic Design

Use the search bar in the bottom left of the screen to search for your assigned artist

News Websites

New York Times Arts Section

The Arts page of the New York Times provides interviews and bios of many graphic artists

The New Yorker Culture Page

The Culture page of the New Yorker magazine features essays on many graphic artists

Comm Arts

Use the search bar in the upper right corner to search for your artist in this graphic design periodical

Guide created by: Adam Apo

Regina Dominican High School

Last updated: 4/23/2018

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