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AP Literature & Composition: Civil Disobedience

The following videos describe the priniciples as well as some modern examples of civil disobedience.

Civil Disobedience: Overview

BBC Radio 4, YouTube

Occupy Wall Street: Overview

The Guardian, YouTube

Occupy Wall Street: Context

The Guardian, YouTube

Edward Snowden Leak: Overview

TestTube News, YouTube

Arab Spring 2011: Overview

Times Video, The New York Times

WikiLeaks: Overview

CNN, YouTube

Climate Change Activist: Interview

Democracy Now!, YouTube

#BlackLivesMatter: Overview

Times Video, The New York Times

Fast Food Workers Strike: Overview

Tom Tresser, YouTube

National Anthem Protests in NFL

ABC News, YouTube

Black Lives Matter & Election 2016

PBS Newshour, YouTube

WikiLeaks & Election 2016

RT, YouTube

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