A shy and quiet girl named Ginny mysteriously received 13 envelopes from her adventurous Aunt Peg. The only problem is: her aunt had just died a few months ago. Faced with the adventure of a lifetime across Europe, Ginny learns to find herself and to live a life her aunt would be proud of. She finds her true spirit, a little romance, and an amazing story after opening those little blue envelopes. This story will spark adventu...



Molly Ayer is close to aging out of the foster care system and is also pretty close to going to juvie. The only way to not go to juvie is to perform a certain amount of community service hours. With the help of her friend/boyfriend, Molly learns that an elderly woman needs help cleaning out her attic. Molly visits Vivian and helps clean out boxes in her attic that remind her of her times on the orphan train. As Vivian recoun...



Nora Grey was a normal girl with no plan of romance. That's until Patch came along. His easy smile and eyes seem to look inside her and Nora can't seem to stay away. When a string of terrifying events come into play, Nora doesn't know who to trust. Patch is everywhere and she doesn't know whether to run away or fall right into his arms. Now Nora is in the middle of a battle between the immortal and the fallen, and ch...

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