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President Trump's Executive Order on Refugees and Migrants

The resource guides below answers questions you might have related to President Trump's travel ban of migrants and refugees entering the U.S. from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan, and Libya.

Primary Text: Executive Order
The full text of President Donald Trump's Executive Order entitled "Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States" from the White House website
What is an Executive Order?
The Washington Post explains the legal basis and history of Executive Orders, including an analysis of President Trump's Executive Orders compared with previous Presidents. 
What does the Order do? Who is affected? What has the response been?
BBC News provides a detailed summary of the effects of the ban.
How have Americans responded to the Order?
The Guardian summarizes the effects of the order as well as how several institutions have responded to the Order.
How have Catholic leaders responded to the Order?
The Washington Post reports on American Bishops' statements on the Order as well as poll data on Christians' attitudes toward accepting refugees into the U.S.
What is the history of accepting refugee entry in the U.S.?
The Pew Research Center published key facts and figures illustrating refugee immigration to the U.S. throughout its history
Why is there a global refugee crisis? [Video]
This video explains the origins of the refugee crisis in Syria and how neighboring countries as well as Europe and the United States have responded
Who is fighting in the Syrian Civil War and why? [Video]
This video provides a graphic timeline of the Syrian Civil War starting in 2011 and the players involved
What does the vetting and security screen of refugees entering the U.S. look like? [Video]
Jeh Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security 2013-2017 explains the process by which refugees legally gain entry to the United States
How can I help?
This website provides information on how you can help the global effort to assist refugees
How do I contact my elected officials?
Learn how to get in touch with your federal, state, and local leaders
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