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Financial Aid Toolkit


This resource guide can help you learn more about the various areas of financial aid for college.

Financial Aid Basics
YouTube: Overview of Financial Aid
These videos explain the various forms of financial aid, the process and timeline of applying and receiving financial aid, and myths about financial aid.
Infographic: Overview of Financial Aid
This infographic provides an easy-to-read visual of the financial aid process
The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the application you must fill out after January 1st of your senior year to qualify for financial aid
Federal Student Aid Website
A one-stop-shop for information, this is the homepage of the FSA Office which provides information on every component of financial aid.
Financial Aid Timeline
This is a checklist of all you have to do your Senior year to find, apply for, and receive financial aid
Comparing Costs of Colleges
The College Scoreguard, created by U.S. Dept of Education, allows you to search for colleges by the numbers--costs of attendance, amounts awarded in financial aid, etc.
Information for Non-Citizens
Yes, if you are not a citizen of the United States, you can still qualify for financial aid


Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce, a go-to digital resource for small business owners and entrepreneurs, has put together an exhaustive guide and resources for college scholarships.

Student Loans
Student Loans Overview
Student loans are a last resort for financing college, but this guide provides a helpful overview if that is an option you are exploring.
Infographic: Student Loan Repayment
The basics of choosing a plan for repaying your student loans
Infographic: Federal vs. Private Loans
Side-by-side comparison of the features belonging to federal and private student loans
Student Loan Calculator
In most cases, you will have 10 years to repay your student loans after you graduate. Estimate what your monthly loan payments will be using this calculator.
Information on Federal Student Loans
Always choose a federal student loan before choosing a private student loan.
Information on PLUS Loans
PLUS Loans are federal loans granted to the parent/guardian of the student.
Things to Know Before Borrowing a PLUS Loan
PLUS Loans are in the name of the parent/guardian and are often used to fill the remaining gap between finanical awards and the cost of attendance. Here are some things to know first.
Information on Private Student Loans
Student Loans are always a last resort, and private student loans should only be explored once you've explored federal student loans (i.e. they are the last, last resort)
Shop for Private Student Loans
This marketplace for private student loans allows you to search for and compare private student loans
Which Private Loans does your College Prefer?
Search for the college you are attending, and find a list of private loans preferred by students enrolled in that college
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